22 febbraio 2020
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Sira srl
Via dell'Industria, 16
37060 Sona (VR)
Tel. 045-6083400
Fax 045-6083430

P.I. 02322260239

SIRA was founded in September 1975 thanks to the experience of its founder, Guido Pivetti, as an important agent in a company at the top of distribution of special trucks and cars for car bodies.

At that time the operating system was based on the faithful visits to the customers with business vans (T600) and in the timely delivery of material ordered.
Over the years SIRA, through the work of the owner in the sale and his wife in the office administration has turned from 2,3 small garages to the current reality.

Employees today are a team of about 30 people with a sense of duty and attachment to the company sincerely commended.
The President of SIRA in 2010, Mr. Guido Pivetti, was awarded Honors of “knight of high employment”.

Currently the general direction of the company is entrusted to his son, Enrico Pivetti, who has already gained considerable experience and is leading the company with strong innovative insights.

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